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So, why give up on them when they can be just as attractive as they were when they were new?

Text us a picture and description of your shoe problem or call us at  (440) 915-5150.

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New shoes are fantastic, but nothing satisfies like making your old shoes like new again!  In a week or two, whether dropped off or mailed in, we'll rebuild your fav shoewear into a "like new" condition, as we've done for hundreds of our clients.  America's best shoe repair of ladies womens shoes and designer shoes.

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Still wondering?  Take a picture of your shoes and text it to us or call, or scroll down to our Price Sheet and Service Order Form below, print it and send it back to us, and we'll be happy to call or text you back with our suggested service and prices.  

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Our menu of services is built around your needs, your shoes and your budget... to view basic soles and heels on sport, casual shoes, boots and more go to the gallery.

From Sole Protection to UGGs

We do it all, including the straps, taps, heels, soles, dyeing, boots - both cowboy and riding - and every other kind of shoe.  

Affordability, Fast Service and Quality Combined

Just scroll down, print the form, fill it out and drop your shoes or other item in a bag or box and we'll take it from there. We'll contact you when we receive your form and inquiry and discuss how-what-when your repair will be completed and fulfill your needs quickly and professionally. To speak with us, call  or text (440) 915-5150.

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