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Any Brand, Any Condition

See our service choices below and choose one, OR, if you need more information send us an email or call us at 440-915-5150 and we'll be happy to help you.

Don't forget your luggage... briefcases and carry-on bags to laptop bags and large luggage, our experienced leather repair team can save you from having to buy new lugga

The Best Bag Deserves The Best Care

We restore your fav... most cherished bag, no matter the age, price or difficulty. Why buy new?  Considering a vintage purse? Ask us to restore and rehab it for you.

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And, within a couple weeks your purse will be returned to you with minimal waiting, affordably and with our Quality Assurance Program* that you'll be pleased. (See Qualtiy Assurance Program in Site Terms and Conditions.)

What Can We Renew?

Just About Everything!

From a Bag to a Backpack, we can re-attach broken emblems, broken handles and straps (even make new ones), replace canvas, remove stains, chipped corners or rough edges, remove soil, soften materials, restore exterior or interior leather or scuffs, handle everything from ostrich to alligator, re-color, fix tears, refinish and restore the original "like new" look.

Still Uncertain?

If you're hesitant about sending us an expensive items, we get it more than anyone. So, instead, text us photos of your concerns so we can take a look and get back to you to reassure you.  It only takes a moment. Text images and (if you'd like) your contact information and we'll call, email or text you back.

Feeling Confident?

Look below at our online options to send us your item, and choose one... we'll have you back with your bag in no time!

Or, to drop off your bag locally at one of our locations, go back to the bottom of our HOME page to find the most convenient way to find us.