Need Soles, Heels, Polish by the Best Mens Shoe Repair Experts?

Is quality more to your liking than just fine brand restoration?


The Vibram brand and specialty shoe and heel gallery below contains a wide range of these JR leather repairs which can be customized to any kind of shoe. We offer you so many choices, you'll have difficulty choosing. 

Just the "finer" basics?


Choose your basic heel and sole from the gallery will be pleased at the finish, the shine and the workmanship.  Plus, we have many basic choices because choice matters. And, we're only a phone call or text away at (440) 915-5150. 

A "FINER" or premium choice more of your style?


These are shoes by Louboutin, but Prada or Florsheim, we work on all brands of better shoes, and we can improve the quality, feel and walk of even basic shoes using some of the same materials on regular shoes. 

Are your "kick around" shoes needing a little pickup?


We can provide a variety of soles, heels, materials and even color to remake your most comfortable weekenders and clean and restore the upper shoe, and re-lace. So, if you'd like a specific color...let us know when you fill out your order form.

A comfortable pair of old athletic shoes can be restored also


Many times we improve the performance of the shoe by using newer, lighter more durable and better performing materials. There are wayyyy to many choices to include EVERY option, so send them in or text us a photo and call us to discuss something just you. 

Something custom?


There isn't always a 'category' for everything. Sometimes something unique needs care and renewal. These are the challenges that we love because it stretches our focus and skills...send it to us or send us an image via text and we'll be happy to share and discuss the next steps with you.

Also Specialty Shoes & Boots...See Below


Our Family Business IS Shoe, Boot and Leather Repair

Over the years, we have not only expanded into orthopedic shoes lifts, sport shoes, boots, luggage and more, but now have more family members that take pride in what we do.  

We do UGG, motorcycle, riding, work, military, winter or rain or cowboy boots as well as leather, snake skin, ostrich, alligator shoe or boot repair, cleaning, conditioning, coloring, heels, sole, restoration, orthopedic lifts polishing or other repairs.


First of All...We Make the Old Look New

Every leather item we touch, we polish and shine to look like new.  Using a wide variety of polishes, dyes, repair techniques, salt removal, shine and water proofing, our decades of experience prepares us to renew your old shoes. Bring them in or mail them to us HERE! 



Your Worst Example to Best Foot Forward

Even your work boots can be made to look new again, PLUS we can get you new inner soles to soften or warm your step as you work.  PLUS we can alter your work shoes to make them comfortable for you if you have a need for supports, orthotics or anything to assist your feet to be - and feel - healthier. 

Specialty Shoes are Our - Specialty!



Riding & Climbing Shoes and Boots


Golf Shoes and Bags


Running, Walking...Skipping Shoes


Skates or Skate Board Shoes


Team Shoes


More Boots, Shoes & Pricing


Your Old Boots and Shoes - Like New Again!

Exotic leathers, western and cowboy boots, even replacing eyelets, straps, laces, heels, soles, linings, recoloring, re-crafting, refurbishing or restoration of alligator. If your boots are made of  lizard, alligator, sea turtle, horn back, anteater, elephant, snakeskin, antelope, pigskin, sharkskin, goatskin, kidskin, ostrich, we've got the skills you can trust to restore your finest boots.

We've worked on brands such as Bass, Danner, Florsheim, Kenneth Cole, Rockport, Lucchese, Chippewa, Cole Hann, Allen Edmonds, Tony Lama, Clarks, Justin, Johnston Murphy, Dexter, 


Environment-Ethics of Restoring or Renewing Old, Worn Quality and Loved Hides Worn in the Past

The environmental and ethical restoration of your old shoes or boots carries over to items that may not be available anymore, and uses less energy, doesn't reduce the population of rare species, and is cost efficient.  

Our men's sole and heel and restoration products and finishes are made from the finest leather and rubber grades in the industry. 


Who Are We? No matter the name, whether Online, or our Gomez, Brass Nail, Lyndhurst Luggage local brands, we have a history of local, friendly, affordable and expert repair and restoration.

Multiple locations, trained personel, decades of experience, expertise in shoe repair, orthopedic shoe construction.

So, take a look at samples of some of our work below and choose a number before clicking on the order form. When you fill out the form, which is to be included with your order, let us know which type of sole and/or heel you prefer. Also, don't hesitate to ask for something special on your form or to call us with questions.

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